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Medway MOT Centre

"Cheap" MOT information

It’s a funny old thing, the MOT test. It’s probably the most misunderstood area of the garage trade. When completed properly, it’s a very valid and worthwhile safety test. When it's heavily discounted either time spent on the MOT suffers or how much can I earn out of this customer in extras rears its ugly head. That's not how we operate.

I would argue that the only way to make a profit on a discounted MOT is either to cut corners or carry out unnecessary repairs. This isn’t good for our trades reputation or the customer receiving the hefty discount. It may seem cheap at first but it rarely is. The MOT is a safety test designed to protect you and your family.

Even completed properly, there are a few points worth bearing in mind:

  • The MOT test is a snapshot of your vehicles condition on that day. As an MOT tester, you can’t look at a component and fail it just because you think it may fail six months down the road. Its a great opportunity to get more money out of the customer now though!
  • Nothing is stripped down on the MOT. For example, a tester can’t take your wheels off to check your brakes – if you can’t see it, you can’t test it. Strange how often new brake pads are needed then isn't it?
  • The MOT test is not a replacement for a service. An MOT is a visual check – no adjustments, no stripping, no cleaning
  • Tyres are near the legal limit but still passable? Shop around for the best price, don't just accept the MOT test stations advice and we can fit them right now for you. It will often cost you a lot more!