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Medway MOT Centre

"Cheap" MOT information

If an MOT test is done on the cheap, someone has to be losing out!

How the MOT test works

  • During the MOT, important parts on your vehicle will be checked to make sure they meet the legal standards.
  • You can watch the test from a viewing area but you’re not allowed to interrupt the tester.

You can read more about what’s tested on the Government's own website here.

With all of these critical safety and environmental checks being part of the modern MOT test, it is surprising to see garages offering discounted test fees. 

To carry out the test in a thorough and satisfactory manner takes time, experience, knowledge, training and the use of specialist (expensive) equipment. 

We would argue, the only way a garage can afford to offer such large discounts is by two ways.

  1. Cutting corners. Meaning the vehicle is not examined thoroughly or correctly, allowing a potentially dangerous vehicle back on the road.
  2. Carrying out repair work on failed items. This opens up the potential for unnecessary work being carried out, or charging for work that was not carried out at all, in order to repair your “dangerous” vehicle.

We’ve heard of so many customers being told their vehicle is dangerous and cannot be taken away until repairs carried out. The DVSA state that it is not within an MOT stations remit to prevent customers from taking their cars away, even if the failure is categorised as dangerous.

So is a cut price MOT worth it? 

We check your vehicle thoroughly and fairly. We will replace light bulbs and wiper blades, adjust headlights, even top-up washer bottles to get you a pass. After all it takes up our time too if you need to come back for a retest, which is, of course, FREE

We can show you the failure items, and advise if we think they can be repaired rather than replaced, so that you are informed when taking it to a repairing garage.

We also carry out MOT tests for other garages and repairers. Why? Because they want to provide their customers with an unbiased and fair MOT test they themselves can trust.

Much more information can be found on the official website here. But below is a snap shot;

  • "The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure that cars, other light vehicles (including some light goods vehicles), private buses and motor bicycles over a prescribed age are checked at least once a year to see that they comply with roadworthiness and environmental standards – and to that end contributes to the government’s road safety strategy. The Government take it very seriously, and for good reason. The cost of a properly carried out MOT test is a very small price to pay for peace of mind.
  • The test is a visual inspection and does not require the dismantling of parts of the vehicle although doors, boot lids and other means of access will normally need to be opened. For example, wheels are not removed to inspect brake pads, so they have to be pretty bad to fail! We hear of lots of cars needing brake pads when tested elsewhere.
  • The creation of that electronic record (MOT certificate) relates only to the condition of testable items at the time of the test and should not be regarded as: evidence of their condition at any other time; evidence of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle; or evidence that the vehicle fully complies with all aspects of the law on vehicle construction and use. So a vehicle shouldn’t fail now, because it might fail in a few months. We all know a tyre will continue to wear and therefore at some point will be illegal. If the tyre tread depth is ok now, it’s a pass. It’s amazing how many garages try to scare customers into buying replacements, especially when they happen to be able to repair your car NOW!"